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“The Longest Week”


President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan receiving blessing from some yoruba Obas with their walkin sticks pointing at him.

The nearer we get closer to March 28, 2015 presidential election the far away it seem, simply because of so many factors at play. Despite several assurance from the power that be.

This is an election that has put everyone at unrest. Because of so many abnomalities been perpetrated. From five week that it has been postponed to the last week that start today, there are so much uncertainty.

Nigerian prayer is that there will be no further postponement and INEC, the electoral body will be able to live up to its task of giving us peaceful, free and fair election by the grace of God.

It’s quite alarming, the pre election events that has and is creating fear and intimidation. This is supposed to be a time of relating with one another with brotherly love across board.