What is the change you desire? What’s your big picture look like?.would you like to make a difference, be a regular guy or want your life to be outstanding?.

All these questions regulaly prop up on our mind every now and then. Why? Because change we must. It’s a continuous process. Man must aspire for a better life. Life is dynamic and change is inevitable and must be constant for life to have meaning.

When you prepare for change, you might be in firm grip of the situation but if there is no preparation, you’ll have no control when change eventually comes.
How do you prepare for change? One of the major way to keep man in control of the situation is to constantly seek knowledge. It empower man to take risk that lead to quatum leap . Having articulate mind to be able to see far ahead no matter what circumstances look like. Knowledge make man to make life changing decision that will eventually pay off. Go ahead and never be afraid to fail. Because in failure, there is something to learn.





“Content Marketing” is all about being creative” TARA HUNT(follow her on Linkedin).
Humility,hunger,curiosity and ability to be eager to learn will make anyone a good content marketer. Outside of the fact that making use of “keyword research” is very important. It is so, because the people you are trying to reach out to has language you must master before you can effectively communicate with them.

It is also important that you need to study hard by digging deep, come up with something thought provoking. At that stage, you begin to wonder if your content will see the light of the day and where the idea will spring out from. Likewise you really cannot be sure of what will work until you start to develop the flow of mind needed for content writing.

You also need to color you content with emotion for it to have wider appeal and most importantly, the benefit your audience will derive.”Value”, the purpose of content is about building relationship steadily and patiently.


When we talk of love of GOD. It should be based on our faith without which we can not satisfy God. It does makes us to BELIEVE His word. His word never late and it never fail. It is the engine that drive our passion, determination, commitment  to achieving SUCCESS. Because with God, all things are possible. As far as we can see, we can get,  irrespective of any situation or what the present circumstances look like.

In spite of the fact that everything had been made available to man, you must study to show thy self approved.

Age has nothing to do with with blogosphere! Desire it, learn, work it by FAITH.wpid-slide-3-320-1.jpg

Shell for Shell: Real Life in the Niger Delta

Like every part of Nigeria region, the greed of leadership does more harm than pollution.

Untold Stories



The fishing boat cuts the silent water like a knife. Zemano and Grace are out looking for periwinkle shells. They left home at seven o’clock this morning hoping to fill a bucket or two with the small, black, cone-shaped shells.

−This is our only source of income, Grace tells us while she is paddling towards the shore where, in theory, the shells are to be found in the riverbank mud. So far the two women have been looking in vain. The mud where mangrove forest once grew used to be full of periwinkle, but after the major oil spills in 2008-2009 life in this part of the Niger delta is as good as extinguished.

−We used to fill our buckets in no time, and could earn a decent amount of money from selling the shells. These days we’re lucky if we get enough to feed our children. Zemano is seven…

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Entrepreneur is a general term used for a business person or a group of people involved in doing business either online of offline. Entrepreneurship simply means undertaking new ventures or an existing one in a different way. The followings are the keys to success of online business :~

He or she must be a leader. A risk taker who would and must constantly take action when and if need be.

Take responsibility of the action taken on policy for both short and long term. No bulk passing.

Possess very sound human relation. A person who can easily make friends and influence people to see things his way.

There must be effective communication professionally within or without. This stabilize the business.

An entrepreneur must be an all round and continuous learner to maintain the leadership position.

He must build team and system, the ability to teach others in the team is necessary.

The business owner must be futuristic. The ability to see great picture couple with passion and determination to achieve the set goals, keep moving up and setting new standard.

Build hu


man and material resources. Build bridges.
These are major keys that should be followed for success in online business.


Learning is a profitable investment, may be not in the short term but definately it is in the long run. That butress the fact that knowledge seeking venture had come to stay. The coming of information age via internet had made this possible. It’s has become undisputable, all encompassing learning environent. It’s very essential to today’s living. Speedy, exponental and unstopable.

Though it is not visible but the impact is strongly felt. That’s why leaders in all sphere of life embrace internet and social media platform not only to disseminate information but hints and knowledge, most especially financial education.

Self development industry has become an integral part of digital age development. The big question is where is your place in this global development?.  We need to key in into this phenomenon and become a stakeholder so that we can be equiped with necessary tools needed to make the best of global opportunity that internet has provided.

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Mission To inspire hope and contribute to health and well-being by providing the best care to every patient through integrated clinical practice, education and research. Primary value The needs of the patient come first. Value statements These values, which guide Mayo Clinic's mission to this day, are an expression of the vision and intent of our founders, the original Mayo physicians and the Sisters of Saint Francis. Respect Treat everyone in our diverse community, including patients, their families and colleagues, with dignity. Integrity Adhere to the highest standards of professionalism, ethics and personal responsibility, worthy of the trust our patients place in us. Compassion Provide the best care, treating patients and family members with sensitivity and empathy. Healing Inspire hope and nurture the well-being of the whole person, respecting physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Teamwork Value the contributions of all, blending the skills of individual staff members in unsurpassed collaboration. Innovation Infuse and energize the organization, enhancing the lives of those we serve, through the creative ideas and unique talents of each employee. Excellence Deliver the best outcomes and highest quality service through the dedicated effort of every team member. Stewardship Sustain and reinvest in our mission and extended communities by wisely managing our human, natural and material resources.

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