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“Why I Write Blog: The Great Expectation”


All my life I had invested great passion and time to my first love- fashion designing. This span close to thirty years of my life. My expectation then was success that will make me outstandingly wealthy. Later in years, I realised that it’s one thing to be a gifted artist but another thing to be a real businessman. My all encompassing creativity in such area… textile, embroidery, african attire making with its accessories: cap and shoe, head tie, shoe, bag and shawl for ladies. Seminar bags, mouphla. Everything around fashion am there. I do flags as well.


I hope and hope to get there. The closer i am, then something pulls it further. From 1- 10- 20 years plus, close to 30. I deliberately separated myself when it look like I need special hand of God in my situation. One thing I had never done and will never do is to ask God why? It is too big a question for me. At every stage of those terrible disappointments, I always give Him thanks for keep me going.

As I advance in number(age), I keep open mind looking for legitimate opportunity. One great thing I desire from when I was even young is to be a global brand. I thought fashion would take me there. Despite many failure to achieve that prior to now. The focus is intact.

August ’12. A sister, friend, leader in FLP. A Diamond Manager with the husband wheel-barrowed me into Forever Living Products network marketing business. She did the unusual, buys in my name to elevate me to the next level of supervisor without doing anything or knowing how to go about it. I eventually sign on two person, they too could not make any headway. Instead of given up, I started lookin for a way out. Went after life story of leading FLP managers. First Kim Madsen, a Dutch Diamond Manager and then the topmost FLP Manager Rolf Kipp, a German Double Diamond Manager. His statement that if he has to start all over again, he will go online. That statement influence me greatly. Prior to that I had attended a seminar on creating blog and how to monetize it. There was no tools in place to start then.

But today by grace, taking small step at a time. I am a blogger on the run of life. Blogging got all of me because of what it offers:- freedom, lifestyle, travellin, adding value to others, giving me a voice globally, getting knowledge on daily basis and so much more.
I have lived in Calabar for the past seven years, kind of being closed up. Thats even the reason for lack of prospect yet am not an introvert. But eventually, I stepped out of my comfort zone and damn the consequence. Breaking the bridge after the cross over. There would be no retreat and no surrender.
Am on a platform of blogosphere and am sure it is a new day of fulfillment. 


I am kind of short of words, how far could I go?. Whether short or long, writing challenge could sometimes make you edgy.

Promised myself to be cool headed when it comes to  issues online. Never to underrate anyone or anything. That’s why I do this to honour a friend. Abe

“Weekly Writing Challenge:Power of Names”


“Uneasy lies the head that wear the crown”. Despite that, the President of Federal Republic of Nigeria Mr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has goodluck shaping his destiny all the way. It a test to the fact that truly ,the name we bear has power of influence over our destiny.

From lecture room to vice chairman of a local government. If you have Goodluck Jonathan behind you, there is always antecedent of something drastic happening for your displacement for him to have the number one seat. One hell of a luck. He became the Chairman of the said Local government council.

From there, he was picked as deputy governor of riverine Bayelsa State, in the south south part of Nigeria. Before you could say Jack Robinson, the governor Mr Alamesiye was arrested for money laundering in United Kingdom and pronto. The State House of Assembly impreached the governor and Mr Goodluck Jonathan emerged the Governor. He was the governor less than a year before he clinched Vice Pressident ticket with the then sickly presidential candidate in person of late Alhaji Umoru Musa Yaradua.

About two years into that tenure, the President died for Mr Goodluck to become the President of Federal Republic of Nigeria in acting capacity after so much political horsetrading. After that shared tenure, he landslidely won a fresh four years tenure and already planning for another term come 2015! Would you say he’s pushing his luck too far? Well, time will tell.

Quote of his wife “Na sidon we sidon, dey ask us to be vice chairman, na sidon we sidon, they make us deputy governor.  Na sidon we sidon, they say take Vice President”. Na sidon they sidon, they( those who dey chop with them) dey beg them to do another tenure. A classical case of stroke of luck.   

“Weekly Writing Challenge:Threes”




Calabar is a beatiful city on the rise, very clean. By the time you sleep in the night and wake up in the morning, you will see the whole place cleaned up. Manually by female sweepers working for CUDA( Calabar Uban Development Agency) which take care of the enviroment. Funny enough, it is done in the tradional way with women using two brooms on both hands at a time.

Everyday, portions are assigned to individual to clean and before 7am, they are off the street. They are paid meager allowance.

The motorised sweeping vehicle is not considered because it would take the job out of women’s hand. But which job? These people are supposed to be engaged in industries which are few aroung here. The two common saying here is ” This is a civil servant state” and “The state has no money”. Very derogatory terms.

Governance in this part of the world is about addressing the present not the future likely challenges, that’s the reason for the slow pace. The government and the people stick with the “Comfort Zone”. It is a general problem hindering the developmental drive to turn things around for good.