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“Be Internet Compliance or Face Displacement”


This isn’t threat but a concern, a genuine one. There is a big shakeup ahead which may not be seen physically but heartfelt. Internet is bringing about a great displacement across all facet of human existence. Be it social, economic, politic, name it.

As popular as internet seems to be, there are hundred of million of people who still doesn’t know what it is about. Some are not really able to imagine how to get going at it. We must continue to talk of motiivation for the people out there who cannot as of now get going.

The full potential of the internet is yet to come. Its imperative that those that know the how-to must reach out to those that are yet to. This must continue without an ending until something more phenomenon than internet surface. And if it does, it would be an offshoot of the internet. I know we are yet to see the best of the internet.

It is all great if you are in the know but if you are yet to be, it is time you begin to, because given couple of years to come. You may be left behind completely because of this paradigm shift. The shift will become more pronounced. The effect of the internet will be so potent that everything will revolve around it.ย 

The question I used to ask myself is where is my place in this and I honestly want you to ask yourself the same question. Where would be your place when chips are down?. If you access the trend critically, the issue enumerated above is inevitable. It will definately come to be.

The present tradional ways of doing thing will be a thing of the past. My prayer is those that are yet to look into the crystalball should do so as a matter of urgency. This is leading to total technological change that will be unprecedented.

“Week Writting Challenge: Leave Your Shoe at the Door”

These gentlemen walked into the park and sat across me. At first I was deep into the book I was reading, I could not help but to hear their conversation clearly which bothered on one’s economy state and marital issue.
The narative: I wonder how it could have been if I had not lost my job. It really made me a less man in my home. Little provision needed in the house had become a big deal. Can,t even talk to her any longer. It look like it’s not the same me that marry this woman that has become my master in the house.
The worst part of it is that there is no child out of this God forsaking union that I could even say is my gain of the wasted years of this relationship. I wish I could start all over again and get things normalised. No matter how pleasant and cheerful she is, the moment she site me is like seeing enemy at the door. What could I do to bring back my happiness. The lamentation subsided with a sad countenance.

His friend responded: Putting myself in your shoe, I would encourage myself to hold on to the good side of that relationship. We all know that “hard time does not last” but determine people will survive it. If I were you, I will love more, endure more and be patient enough, understand her more to create harmony and bring back the golden old days.

I got involved with my mind. I realised that the challenge in that relationship is a phase that if well handled can bring them back together more strongly. Afterall “Men are in phases, life are in stages”
I learn lot from their conversation that life is give and take and at every point in life we need support. A shoulder to lean on. The mistake we moslty make is ‘what is in it for me’ being self centred. It happen between husband and wife, the people and their elected leaders.
The encounter brought my mind to Seith’s epic post from his father’s advice “Marriage is no for you” that gone viral. The most important person in a relationship is the next person. The partner, most especially in marriage. You must find a way to make that person happy to make yourself happy. If there had been mistake before, fine. You must go back to the basis and seek redress. We must support one another for peace to rain, to harness the fulfillment of good life.