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“Are We Difficult As People:Yes”


What could be more difficult than knowing the right thing but refuses to do it?

What can we make of leadership that does not believe in collective advancements of the people?

What would it benefits a nation who refuses to give proper guidance to its youth in their formative year?

Is Nigeria deserve the kind of leadership it has been having in the past?

FELA sang of Authority Stealing, Vagabonds in Power, Sorrow, Tears and Blood# Their Regular Trade Mark!

The can of worms continued to be opened, and we continue with our mouth opened unbelievably at how deep we’ve sank.

Our so called leaders past and partly present had made us a very difficult people.

The solution is truthful, transparent, purposeful leadership that thinks of people first. In particular take care of our youth in their formative years and grant adequate care to our elders who had served with their sweat.

Plus making provision for turning our able ones from employment seekers to industrialists and wealth makers. Then we’ll know we’ve gotten committed leadership. President Muhammadu Buhari. OVER TO YOU!

“Letter to Nigeria”

Dear country,
You have truly come of age. No doubt about that fact. As the popular saying goes “a fool at forty may be or may not stay foolish forever. But Nigeria and Nigerians are never fools. Those that think that they can fool people all the time are already making fool of themseves by their action and inaction.

They don’t realise that their antics had become outdated and is no more marketable. They are like someone who go to the day market in the night. They’ve have lost track.

My reason of this letter is to commend you for your patience. And allowing the whole world to see the gangstarism at display. The good thing is whatever has begining surely comes to an end, from the gapped tooth days to shoelessness era.

I welcome you to a newness of nationhood.

“Vote them in:Vote them out”


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Americans are great people, and they know where the power belong. ” The power belong to the people”

They allow you to administer it for a period of time, if your perfomance is relative or not, they determine what next to do with you.

When President Bill Clinton was rounding up his two term tenure, America was in good shape. But they still voted out Democtratic and brought in Republican and President George Bush Jr as the President.

‘The Dynamism Of Change’
That’s what I pray to see in Nigeria. Nigerian populace must realise it’s dangerous to stay or rather as it seems over-stay in their comfort zone. That’s, if a particular party boast of rulling for 60 years and the people are not doing anything about it, it means they are docile and not futuristic.

Nigeria has contemporaries. Why do we allow ourselve to be left so far behind? If actually power belong to the people, how are we administering that power that belong to us to protect the future of this country and generations yet unborn? Great leader from time immemorial are futuristic thinker. They think hard and map out strategies to bring to reality the idea and ideal.


Our present situation is not too ideal for a nation so blessed specially by God. Yoruba adage says “you can’t be big like elephant and eat like ant”

Nigerian should look beyond today but into the future. The future challenge is greater, and to fix it must start today. Even if we have to change our law to do that, so be it.

“Stomach infrastructure” against physical infrastructure. Which is ideal?

The new entrants into political lexicon is the former. Where satchets of rise, salt, pepper,oil etc are distributed to electorate to get their vote. They make you poor and give you nothing. What a gready system?

I would prefer a physical infrastructure such as electic train of 300km/hr that can make me to work in Abuja and live Port Harcourt or Lagos. We have the money to do that across Nigeria. Don’t allow these little minds to keep stealing and squardering our money. It won’t take us anywhere.

This Nation has lot of catch up to do with Brazil, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and others. The global growth is spontaneous and it’s time relative.

This is deep from the heart. If you also feel the same, please feel free to share in any platform you so desire.ย 

“The Grace: Paramount”


The earth rumbles
Like hot lava
Ready to send forth
Volcanic eruption.

The heart of man
Is full of instability
Running to and fro
Looking for succour.

The peace comes in pieces
Cool today, hot tomorrow
The trial of man
Is limitless.

That is the nature
He has to live with
Till the very end.

But the grace mellows
Engrace settles
Grace accomplish,
Grace is paramount.

“The Journey”


Hard could the work be!
Smart could the drive be!
Sweat could the man have!

Time after time
He pause to observe
And scrutinize himself.
If he had faired well
But failure confront him
Yet he never sink.

Obscurity is never his take, but to
Strike the chord of continuity.
Though a bit wiser,
That time is immaterial
Though may be, may be not.

The certainty of the goal
Must not be blown off
By the wind.
The go of the getting
Must be secured,
Affirmed in totality
Never give up.

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“Emergence Of Risk Takers”


Don’t be stupefied at all the happening around the net. One thing to be careful of is running around in circle going no where. Your path must be clearly defined. Bear in mind that true success is not likely to be a straight road but clustered with curves, meandering endlessly like there would be no end to it. The ability to be focused and know for sure that there is something tangible lurking ahead is required. Be determine to follow it to logical conclusion. Where there is no hope, there is no pursuit. And no pursuit, no crown.

There is a school of thougth that argued that you must not be too idealistic about the set goal. Saying much focus on the anticipated change is an admission of LACK. But basically, I believed that lack of focus does not do any good either. There is risk in taking risk as well as not taking. So where is the divide? I think it’s in moderate and balanced disposition towards everything and anything we set our mind on to do. One thing that is certain is whatever you have stepped out into the ring to do, much of you is expected to be put into it. And it has to be on consistent basis.

Time, energy and money is required to sustain it. “Rome is never built in a day”

Image source: Calabar Micro Finance Bank Photo.ย