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“Stomach Infrastructure :Governor”


Throwing protocol caution to the wind. Serving Governor of Ekiti State, Nigeria. Ayodele Fayose seem a busy body and sometimes goes about like someone with little mind.

Even if he goes out to public resturant, must he serve himself? Very rascal. Unbecoming of a state  governor. Little mind with power.

“Back To The Bridge Of Connectivity”


Bridge across four lane in Uyo,  Akwa Ibom, Nigeria.

For several weeks that I had been on forced leave over my inability to blog, not because of unavailability of data. But my new phone constantly restoring itself to Zain Nigeria (old name) instead of Airtel Nigeria for data connectivity.  Today, I finally solved the puzzle. Glad to be back on track. Not too techie has its disadvantage.

“25% Of The Internet:Big Feat”


Few years back when I went into this, I did not really know how it would go. But WordPress had been there and is still very is. For fresh bloggers, all what they need is to be ready to learn in-house. With that nothing will stop them from flying. Individual blogger have issues. But me, I have a good story to tell about  WordPress. Thanks to WordPress and all the bloggers that have made this experience worthwhile.