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“Ibiobio Obong:High Chief”


Sculpture of an Obong on Oron road by Nwaniba junction in Uyo. I took several shot of it but like this side shot better.

Ibiobio nation is one of the major tribe in Akwa Ibom State, South-South Nigeria.

Obong title is one bestowed on prominent indigenes who has achieved greatness in their private and public life.

“Abinoro Akporode Collins:Art By Collins”

There are artists, and there are art. But when an artist has become art! Then you need a critical focus on such. This young man is an embodiment of art. This blog decide to celebrate him. My good friend, a graduate of Auchi Polythecnic, Edo State, Nigeria. I usually call him Collinso.ย  An all round artist, flexible with no resitriction when it comes to art in all its ramification. Particularly his edge with welding of spoons to make all kind of birds, it simply classic!


Stainless peacock in the making.


Working on a paiting in Art Exhibition in Abu Dabi UAE,


Art lovers admiring his work in UAE.


All images by him.

Some of his works had been featured before in this blog. That could be found ib a post “Sorrow,Tears And Blood”