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“Sculptural Gift By Rotarian:Aba”


On the wheel of Rotary Aba. Elephant symbolises power, authority and prestige to Igbo, a major tribe in Nigeria. This is found in the heart of Aba city, commercial nerve center of Abia State. Eastern Nigeria.


Donated many years ago by the Rotary Club International of Aba.

“Long Way To Sustainable Change”


This is a hard road to travel. Sustainable change are being fought left and right by the selfish ones who think nigeria is their own to do as they like.

The opposition knows the likely effect of President Buhari likely success in infrastructural and other areas of development, will make them look stupid. For what their party, unable to achieve for such a long time of their party in government. And President Buhari and his ruling party just achieve it with  less time will turn Nigeria against them.

They ganged up to put clog in the wheel of national progress. Their total agenda is in the open and Nigerians commited to progress will resist it.

“Those Of Us Who Believe:Stand By Him”


President M. Buhari is so many things to so many people. Many have regretted voting for him, many pessimists are saying that “haven’t they said he would fail!

But come to think of it, has he failed? No and far from it. For once, Nigeria has gotten  a straight leader. A committed man leading us to a new Nigeria out of decay.

It may not look rosy at the moment, after all life is not full of roses. It has its ups and down. Depression is just for a while, we’ll soon enter a new dawn full of joy.

The time of sacrifice is now, those who cannot withstand the heat of the furnace are permitted to travel into yesterday where they used to have everything at the beck of their call.

“A Step At A Time”


President Muhammadu Buhari decked like the ‘boys on the block’.

Tell any Nigeria of your online presense, the question comes speedily ‘are you making money? ‘
I can’t recount how many times I have to answer that if it’s money that’s the motivation, ponzi scheme is at the door knocking.

Don’t blame Nigerians, we always think it’s all about money, so people are ready to do anything to get to that money. They  don’t understand that knowledge has to be sought to get direction. The value chain had been broken long ago from the time of our ‘maradonic’ self styled military President Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida. The author of “use what you have to get what you want”. This breeded all manner of irregularities and shortcuts in the system, persisting from one government or the other after him till the man he overthrew returned  to power through ballot.

The system over time made many to be seeker of what to eat. “what is it in there for me? ” not what is it that I need to contribute?. The attitude enumerated above made us redundant and lazy with almost every one young and old hanging on the  government. The people  that supposed to be asset to government were liabilities that the government can no longer afford.

We are greatly endowed. We must tap into building our human resources and this is the right time. The new government should continue in the path earmarked.  Anybody who want to cry wolf can go ahead to display their stupidity.