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“The Impact Of Social Media: Nigeria Electiion 2015 And Beyond”


Nigeria Election 2015 had come and gone, but the role of social media before, during and after the election can not be played down.

Those that knows its value embrace and run with it. But those that don’t still looked at it as a child play.

Internet and social media will change the way we run things in Nigeria. The media will be used by the new in-coming government to strenghten the system.

“Capacity For Opportunity”


“DOLLAR WANT ME” The New Road To Opulence by Henry Harrison Brown. A great book from a great mind. Written for all who would be free from the grind of labour.

Robert Kiyosaki. A bestseller author of several title books is one man I can follow with my eyes closed.

I have met several friends, coach and mentors online, but the combination of Rich Dad and Amazing Academy is really awesome.

I have a feeling that Dollars truly Want Me and You as well when we learn and decide to take action on it.

Making it legitimately online is becoming as easy as eating breakfast. Knowledge, passion, focus and consistency can make it happen, endures it.

Internet will make a big difference in your life than any govermental agenda. The coach and mentors online would make the difference in your life than your politician.

Internet is changing the world, are you ready for yours to be changed for the best? Then click here for the training that will TRANSFORM your destiny and get you involved in THE BUSINESS OF THE 21ST CENTURY for free.  

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“Obsolete Mast”


This mast was erected en-masse all over the country by P&T (Post And Telecommunication) in the ’70s. Along the line, the name changed to NITEL (Nigeria Telecommunication) It was the mast that facilitate telephone communication. So many decades after, the wireless, mobile and better telephoning system emmerged, the GSM. While some of todays leader who were there yesterday were busy telling us that telephone is not for everybody, some people in another part of the world were working on how to make telephone wireless, cheaper and affordable to all irrespective of class and age.

They never rest on their oars and today the coming of internet and technology has changed the level of communication completely. The system has gone beyond phone calling to granting the universe the platform for adding and exchanging value. Created by the great and productive minds. These minds are are problem solvers. Always working to make the world a better place.

This brought up the question why some countries are just good and why others are great?. The answer lies in the visionary commitment of leaders per time. Leadership is about service and when we begin to realise this and hold it dear to our heart most especially in Africa. We’ll begin to see tremendous and positive change in our developmental journey.

“When The Chips Are Down:Which Side Of The Coin?”


There is always more than one side to an issue or a story. So when the chips are down, which side of the coin is your take. On the day of roll call, where would you be found. Doing good or doing bad?

Since the creation of the world, human being has been endowed with the capacity to make choice of preference among alternatives. From day one, the good and the bad runs paralleled. It’s our individual choice to swing to specific side.


What is good is good and what is bad is bad. There is no middle point between the extremes. Internet is a platform where both tendencies are exihibited. If you ask me, the most desirable of the sides. I would tell you, the best side which is my preference is the good side. It’s our duty to make sure that whatever we do in reaching out must be for the benefit of the mankind. Let our name be counted among those that make possitive and lasting impact on the life of those we come across online and offline. Yoruba tribe of western part of Nigeria has this colorful adage that say “Oruko rere, o san ju wura ati fadaka lo”. Means good name is more precious than all the pprecious things of this world( gold, silver, questionable wealth etc). Moreover “Ojo melo la o lo laye, tan wewu irin?” How long would a person lives carrying unneccessary weight?.

Let’s be careful of what we do and how we live our life. The good thing is, when we pass on! People should be able to say ‘a great man\woman has pass by’.ย