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“A Step @ A Time”


A step, get steady and then proceed. Happily and joyfully
As the cloth tickles steadily,
Life continues smoothly.

You may be told
You’re not too smart.
But you should know
That life itself
May not be too smooth.

But slow, but steady
Accomplish the goal.
Journey of a thousand mile,
Commence with a step.
It’s  a new day.

“The wound, The Scar & The Face”

Yoruba Adage say ‘Oju ogbe k’ojoju  ara’.

A deep wound takes time to heal
Even after healing,
The scar is glaring.
But as much as that is,
The focus should be less on it.
So as not to lead
To the wound of the mind.

A wounded mind is a devil’s abode
A tit for tat.
You do me, I do you!
Does two wrong ever make right?

Except for the lucky ones
That redress,
So many destiny has been nailed.
That’s where lies the mystery!

Many times we do
What we do, is because
We can’t see far and the fear rules.
Fear can only rule where faith lacks.

Wherever fear is. Ah!! Devil.
But Faith, is nearness to
Faithful God. Who never lies, late or fail.

Where do you stand?
Am on the Lord’s side.

“Wherever It Pinches:Keep Your Head”


There is life ahead
For the living.
Don’t stop breathing.
Because if it’s yet to be over,
It’s not over.

All these are test of passage
Though, ruffles the feather
But seasoned the strength
For capacity to withstand
For more are coming.
Be ready to weather
The storm.

“Productive Engagement:Which way Nigeria I”

After many months of delay,
Ministerial nominees chosen
After so much rancour…..

Accusation kites, one too many
Flying within and without
Red chamber.
Green chamber siddon
De look.

The fiery chamber head
Faces the heat.
When the heat become

Their pace become slower.
In pretence of response
To call from market place.

A pretence of who pays
The piper dictating tune.
Soaked in the pool of frustration
Are the nominee on #TheList
In waiting. 

The legi system shut down
In solidarity against afront
From one leg of the tripod.
Villagers dumbfounded
From the antics of the

Support of 84 legis
Na small thing?
Most especiall of those that’ve
Gotten it to flaunt to it.

Have they forgotten a
Game of politics is a
Game of number?

I beg! Tell them,
It’s all politics. The master
Jockers are still @ their game.

Its used to be maradonic,
But now, its pocker prowes.
The number game. Tell it to
EFCC of if you like CCB

“Storm Weathering:Have No End”

Since there are
Time and season.
Due time wiil
Take its course.

No matter how
Hard a man walks
Like a man on the line,
The step will be one
At a time.

No matter how hard
A man walk,
If its not yet time!
Its not yet time.

Unless the short cut
Which have a bigger
Price to be paid.

Man have the choice
To make a choice.
But strong belief
System make the choice
To be clear in pursuant
Of destiny goal.

Is anything good
Comes easy? No
But Divine promise
Never late or fail.

Despite the terrain
Laid with uncertainty
In numerous shape and sizes.

One thing that is clear!
Our source is not a failure.
You are not a failure
Until you start to
Seeing yourself so.

Brace up,
It’s never over till
It’s over.

“Time To Walk”

Time! Time! Time!

The crawling had come

To a dead end.

The pace tempo

Increases to

Perfect strides.

The destination

Seems far off!

But the pathfinder

Had surfaced

To harness

A new begining

That require

Every purposeful

Steps to be in

Right footing.

For onward

Progression to

Desired Dreamland.

A nation on a

Journey of life.

“On The Path Of Sanity”


Opposition party. Alliance Progressive Congres, APC supporters outside Chartam House, London during #GMB visit.

We are in era of ‘bole kaja politics’ where normacy had been made not to count any longer.

So much motion without movement.

So much noise without sense.

So much grabbing without value added.

So much money in the biggest economy. In the hand of few.

So much arrogance without decorum.

So much bragado without consideration.

So much lies without any iota of truth.

“Laala too roke, ile lonbo” no matter how far lies travel, truth will catch up with it in no time.

“As It Is Now”

There are days
That there are
Words without
Time. And time
Without words.

So much to be
Said and time
Isn’t there,
Or abundance of
Time but the
Word is scarce.

Now, all should be said
Straight with all
Seriousnes and

Be told that
There are better
Way to get result.
“The change”