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“Still On WordPress”

Appeal to WordPress.
I discover that my visa card is still valid till d very end of the month. The domain renewal fee was actually deducted via paypal. But suprisingly reversed, I assumed maybe because I deactivate the automatic renewal.

That, I had reactivated and bearing in mind that today is still 29th.

Still very much in love fly with WordPress.

“Maybe: Goodbye to WordPress”

It’s unfortunate that my debit Visa card has its validation till July 2015.I had not look at. It for a while  I need to pay $18 for yearly domain name renewal. Had close to that and had to transfer few $ to add up to unknowingly to card that expired this month. Just yesterday 27th July. The deadline is 29th.

Well, hope to find a way around it. Till then. Friends keep flying.

“We Are Ready For Industrialisation”

This moment have long being expected. But it is a good thing, we are in the new era of cake making and productivity. We have capacity as Nigerians tired of cake eating and sharing. There are gifted hands all over this nation. It is time to do the build-up to creativity and productivity.


Travelling bag.


Neck bag.


Travelling bag.


Travelling documents pouch.

All what we need to do is to create enabling enviroment without any iota of corrupt tendencies.
These are sample products made in conjuction with FrankRose Foundation. Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. Nigeria. 

“First Among Equals”


Late Chief Jeremiah Obafemi Awolowo. The former Premier of old Western Region of Nigeria.

Brought the First Television Station in Africa Western Nigeria Television, WNTV.
His regional government built 25 stories Cocoa House, in Ibadan in the 60s.

He brought so many first. It was an era Nigeria was ahead of so many developing countries like Singapore, Malaysia, brazil etc.

He was the major opponent of first President, Alhaji Sheu Shagari who recently turned 90 years.

“He was the president Nigeria never had” said the late Biafran war lord Ikemba Emeka O. Ojukwu when Chief Awolowo died in 1987.

Quite unfortunately, so many civilian leaders that has ruled Nigeria were not prepared to lead, they got it on a platter of gold. They were just doing trial and error. That is why we’ve fallen back. If a student does not study hard to prepare for examination, would the student pass? I doubt it.

Awolowo was denied the mantle of leadership of Nigeria. Likewise Moshood Kasimawo Abiola. Those that prepared very well. And today the #Change anchorman #GMB has prepared for a positive turnaroud of this nation.

You may not vote for him if you think this nation is not in bad shape.

“Where Are We Going?”


At this period of our political life, so many things seems to be wrong. It seems the  ruling party is yet to prepare for election.

What can we say of many people who have decided not to vote by their choice. They believe their vote could never count.
Many people I talked to are not just interested in the election. But if they are not, and probably does not partake. Would they have any reason to complain?

This would be a problem among many that need to be addressed through sensitization and orientation.

Nigerians must be educated on importance of voting during every election. A stitch in time saves nine.

“Respect Beget Respect”

Mutual respect is an ideal thing in all relationship. Sort of give and take. People talk of respecting leader but leaders hardly respect the led to get their respect in return.

Politically, people are taken for granted and whatever they feel doesn’t count. That’s the reality of our situation here. To the extent that many nigerians defranchised themselves because they have lost interest in electoral process.

“Three Months To The Election”


We are almost there even if what is seen of our nation today is not quite promising. Sentiments apart, we have come to a point to decide and determine where we are going as a nation.

Today, everything looked uncertain about the path that things will take politically and economilly . The only thing that matter is power to them but the only thing that matter to us the populace is for the country to get its bearing.


Many people I have interviewed feel like the time, February 2015 fast forwarded for it to be put behind. Talking about corruption and desperation, it’s quite obvious. But the fact of the matter is, everyone should be ready to work hard for the expected change.

In life nothing comes easy, if it does. It would not stand the test of time. We must brace up and be determine to create a new national experience and pathway to genuine development.

We have been lied to for too long. Politician squander our money, make life too unbearable fo so many. Yet at such time as this when election is knocking, they bring, come in pretence with small, small things like food and wrapper in exchange for vote.

They have been doing it over the years. Should we allow that to continue. The one you took over the past years did not lead anybody anywhere.

We have come to the time when you can use that voter’s card to turn around your life and that of your incoming generation.

Many times people ask me. Who are the people to bring the change? My answer is Nigerians should begin to look at track record of perfomance to know who that will bring the change. Afterall we would not import leaders from somewhere else.

Let power change hands, most especiallly at the center. There shouldn’t be any centiments about that. The good of the nation is the good of all irrespective of where you come from. Unless you don’t want a successful country. Then maintain the status quo.

It take one man to path a new course for a common good. With truth and genuine commitment for positive and desirable turnarount that would be for all not for few.
We couldn’t say the country lack such man out of almost 200 million people. Nigerian should not be satisfied with a political party ruling for time longer that necesary afterall there are two sides to a coin. Cast your vote and make it count. You will need to wait for another four years to have another opportunity.