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“Weekly Photo Challenge: Trio”


Three anchor like holding three ‘Okpoho Manilla’. Anchors symbolise vessels that are used to transport slaves to americas.

In 1500s, manilla was actually refered to “slave trade money” after Europeans started using them to acquire slaves. Accorrding to google, manilla are pennanular armlets, mostly in bronze or corper. Very rarely in gold which serves as ‘community money’.

The shot was taken at Nwaniba by Oron road junction in Uyo. But Calabar significance is relevant here being the seat of power during colonial era and slave trade route exit.

“Art, Fashion, Blog And Me”

Right from my early days, I am in big trouble if anything I feel I can do cross my mind and that inner me always call me ‘Akeem you can do this’ there will be no peace until I settle down to try it.

My mind go through lot of preparation and at attempt to practically approach it. It may or may not take much time to accomplish it. No matter how long it takes to accomplish the task, peace and satisfaction is the aftermath. 

I am very patient and ready to learn along the line. Conscious of details that leads to perfection. Knowing the power of difference and uniqueness that makes something outstanding.

I have followed that path all my life as a journey of lifetime. So to all my blogs followers, I say big thanks for being part of that story because without you it would have been inconclusive.


Prestige Cap signature design. Its all about movement of meandering art.
‘The beauty that radiates on the head is most dignifying.


Selfie taken 2011 when our hope on former President Goodluck Jonathan was high. Before that year election. But that’s another story.


Dubbed this blazer ‘for the Stars’. Not a fabric but an assemblage of velvet cut into stars, iron on air-stay and embroideried to make the blazer. A masterpiece.


A tiger embroideried art. Size(92 by 68 cm) on black velvet and mazonia wood frame. It’s aesthetic.


In the begining, 1991. That was when Keem Prestige Collections came to being. We have passed through challenges and price paid for what I believe in and love doing. The genesis of what’s today known as Keem Prestige Global Success Network………..@keempres.
To God be all the Glory, Honour and Adoration. Amen

“Ekpe And Men”

Ekpe masquerade at the cultural festival day of all long, thirty two days of christmas festival.

Ekpe dancer from the Culture and heritage department of the office of the Governor of Cross River State of Nigeria.

Ekpe in Cross River State of Nigeria is a masquerade of traditional relevance. In traditional understanding among western part of Nigeria, though EKPE is from south south! Such figures are called ARA ORUN…. heaven dwellers. In the olden days, they are known as migrants who comes to the world for occasional purposes.

Tradional dance from this part of the world cannot be completed without these features being adequately featured.