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“Good People On The Road To Greatness:Nigeria”


“Nigeria! Good people……yes!  great nation…………?”

‘baba n’mogba, tan ba n’tan e, koo ma tan ara re’- if you are being deceived, never deceive yourself.

As good as we are, we are too docile as a people. We are too full of if you cannot win them, join them. Why would a leader voted for, earn so much money, deliver so little and yet embezzle so much public fund. Still demand respect for doing so. Where is our value?

With kind of money Nigeria had seen, we should be traveling across the length and breadth in fast trains. In cities, trams and light trains instead of keke Napep. Our cities are flooded with tricycles which we don’t even assembles talk less of manufacturing. The embezzlers will tell you that it did not started  with them. Even in 16 years of suplus, no single refinery was added to the existing four that is inadequate.

What they could only give us were fuel importers.

I had been saying they must be of little mind. Because all what they think is acquisition of wealth without adding value to the people. If a party tagged itself the biggest in Africa and boastfully said they will rule for 60 years back to back;  ‘then we don turn to munmun (dummy).

We said no and voted for change. They have come out arrogantly to say they had a better performance.  Where there’s lack of discipline, would there be progress?. They even boasted of taking power back by 2019. A mirage, mere wishful thinking. So it seems, but a big challenge to the people.

What we need is genuine service to our father land.

Image source. Shile(Dr Shill)

“Mushrooms On Dry Economy”


These are what the yesterday power holders were. And now in opposition, want to turn  themselves to stumbling blocks to New political dispensation. Their boastfulness and arrogance had not left them.

They have not realised that there is a new political order and reality that power belongs to the people.

“Trailer, Trailer Everywhere”


Within inter city and inter state of Nigeria’s major cities and towns, in all the highways and major roads, trailers are everywhere. The weight of their content/load over time damage most of the roads and highways. These freight are suited for rail system.b


Political leaders for long steal our money. Owned about 70% of these trucks and still uses to destroy our so called infrastructures. They owned petrol filling stations and at the same time are importers of petroleum products after grounding all the four refineries without building new ones. They have stooges that front for them. This makes lots of youth becoming lazy, always looking for easy money. There’s a common saying “if you can’t win them, join them” The battle against corruption was like lost until the emergence of President Muhammadu Buhari. Who is sanitizing the system.

“Peculiar Waste”


Grounded Caterpillar tractor. The size is massive about a storey building height.


Our roads are busy congested. Inland waterways are viable alternative of decongesting our inter city traffic. Lack of maintenance borne out of corruptive tendencies led us to making functional infrastructures becoming scraps. 

We are at dawn and the cork crows exposing the magnitude of greed prevailing in the system.

The political system system, non beneficial to the people but for those who sees it as cow milk.