“Eleshin Dudu, Eleshin Funfun:Emir Of Kano”

A portrait of Emir Lamido Sanusi Lamido of Kano. One of the largest city in Nigeria up north.  When you own colors of horses as in this portrait. It signifies affluence and wealth. It could be likened to several exotic cars in your garage. 

The title means black and white horses owner. This art was displayed at the Kano pavilion during the recent festival, Nafest Kaduna 2017.





We never felt left behind, we continue to pound it. Be it yam or condiments. In rural and urban setting. We held on tightly to our old values for too long. More or less the reason why we hold on to subsistence farming method depriving ourselves of massive and large scale production. 

No coherent coordination to harness collective responsibilities that can transform our economic situations. The question is ‘ ARE WE LAZY or still SLEEPING?  #GreatNation indeed!