“Weekly Photo Challenge : Admiration/Lagbaja”


This is one musician that millions of Nigerians admire for his music  and custumes which completely covers him up. He’s called the masked man.
Stage name ‘Lagbaja’ which literally in Yoruba means nobody.

Real name. Bisade Ologunde, musically is one of African leading light, seasoned, professional and a  very successful artist.

Nobody new what he’s really like outside the mask until few days back when  he unmasked to unveil a good looking dude.

“Weekly Photo Challenge :Admiration “


Donald Duke. The former governor of Cross River State, Nigeria. 1999-2007.

Passionate, futuristic and stylist leader that I admire so much till date. He raised the bar of Cross River State to becoming a leading state in Nigeria in his time.

His passion for music is enormous and has given birth to Jazzrunway Concert held at Eko Hotel and Suites, V I, Lagos about a week ago.