“Weekly Photo Challenge:Dinnertime”


Don’t be surprised about the set up. We’re not too ceremonious.ย  Some call it swallow. Or solid food.

The right plate is gari, cassava made into granules, dry and prepared with boiled water to become eba. Eaten all around Nigeria.

Left plate contain white soup very common in south south nigeria. Made from cooked yam into soup without palm oil. This cannot be found in western Nigeria. That I know having come from there. The soup is spiced with goat meat, dry fish or chicken. It’s delicious. Personally I like heavy food in the night.

“Long Way To Sustainable Change”


This is a hard road to travel. Sustainable change are being fought left and right by the selfish ones who think nigeria is their own to do as they like.

The opposition knows the likely effect of President Buhari likely success in infrastructural and other areas of development, will make them look stupid. For what their party, unable to achieve for such a long time of their party in government. And President Buhari and his ruling party just achieve it with  less time will turn Nigeria against them.

They ganged up to put clog in the wheel of national progress. Their total agenda is in the open and Nigerians commited to progress will resist it.