“An Amazon Indeed:Among Miscreant”


Petrol has become gold in Nigeria. Among fuel stations owners in Nigeria, Mrs V. A. Samson’s Bovas petrol stations dispenses product at official rate. Unbelievable where heartless people are holding  Nigerians to ransom.

Many people had forgotten that the only way to serve God is in truth and righteousness. It’s only God who know who serves Him.

People are blaming President Buhari and his party for the economic woes, but they forgot that. “B’omode ba subu, a wo iwaju. Ba gba ba subu, a weyin wo”. We must look back to know how we got here. Nigeria is on its knees right now. How do we get back on our feet economically? That would not come in a jiffy, so everyone should tighten the seat belt. The prayer offered for Mrs. Samsom and her likes, God will honour it and judge everyone by their deeds. Amen.