“A Step At A Time”


President Muhammadu Buhari decked like the ‘boys on the block’.

Tell any Nigeria of your online presense, the question comes speedily ‘are you making money? ‘
I can’t recount how many times I have to answer that if it’s money that’s the motivation, ponzi scheme is at the door knocking.

Don’t blame Nigerians, we always think it’s all about money, so people are ready to do anything to get to that money. They  don’t understand that knowledge has to be sought to get direction. The value chain had been broken long ago from the time of our ‘maradonic’ self styled military President Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida. The author of “use what you have to get what you want”. This breeded all manner of irregularities and shortcuts in the system, persisting from one government or the other after him till the man he overthrew returned  to power through ballot.

The system over time made many to be seeker of what to eat. “what is it in there for me? ” not what is it that I need to contribute?. The attitude enumerated above made us redundant and lazy with almost every one young and old hanging on the  government. The people  that supposed to be asset to government were liabilities that the government can no longer afford.

We are greatly endowed. We must tap into building our human resources and this is the right time. The new government should continue in the path earmarked.  Anybody who want to cry wolf can go ahead to display their stupidity.

“Weekly Photo Challenge:Dance/Angelic”


We human being are beings inside being. Because we carry spirit of God in us and, by grace have angels in our presesence to serve us. This is quite reflective of different mode in which we operate. Am I sounding spiritual?

Well, that my present mode. The picture above is dance that look angelic. A work of Art through camera set up. Hope you’ll enjoy it.

“Beauty In The Ugliness Of Art”


Recently read somewhere that beauty lies in the ugliness of Art. I do agree.  There are embossed arts all over Uyo city. Being a lover of Art, I always take shots of such work. At the time of taking some shots here, I could not depict the meaning. But today, I talk about the two that I do now understand. I realised that the artist must have blacksmith background. That influence can be seen in the two works here.

The picture up there  is an artform of kettle.  The next one down, blacksmith plier.


Looking like lizard. There are other two am yet to unravel. Till then, enjoy these.