“Are We Difficult As People:Yes”


What could be more difficult than knowing the right thing but refuses to do it?

What can we make of leadership that does not believe in collective advancements of the people?

What would it benefits a nation who refuses to give proper guidance to its youth in their formative year?

Is Nigeria deserve the kind of leadership it has been having in the past?

FELA sang of Authority Stealing, Vagabonds in Power, Sorrow, Tears and Blood# Their Regular Trade Mark!

The can of worms continued to be opened, and we continue with our mouth opened unbelievably at how deep we’ve sank.

Our so called leaders past and partly present had made us a very difficult people.

The solution is truthful, transparent, purposeful leadership that thinks of people first. In particular take care of our youth in their formative years and grant adequate care to our elders who had served with their sweat.

Plus making provision for turning our able ones from employment seekers to industrialists and wealth makers. Then we’ll know we’ve gotten committed leadership. President Muhammadu Buhari. OVER TO YOU!