“Weekly Photo Challenge: Trio”


Three anchor like holding three ‘Okpoho Manilla’. Anchors symbolise vessels that are used to transport slaves to americas.

In 1500s, manilla was actually refered to “slave trade money” after Europeans started using them to acquire slaves. Accorrding to google, manilla are pennanular armlets, mostly in bronze or corper. Very rarely in gold which serves as ‘community money’.

The shot was taken at Nwaniba by Oron road junction in Uyo. But Calabar significance is relevant here being the seat of power during colonial era and slave trade route exit.

“Ibiobio Obong:High Chief”


Sculpture of an Obong on Oron road by Nwaniba junction in Uyo. I took several shot of it but like this side shot better.

Ibiobio nation is one of the major tribe in Akwa Ibom State, South-South Nigeria.

Obong title is one bestowed on prominent indigenes who has achieved greatness in their private and public life.

“Sorry Your Country Is Not Allowed”

Thanks to every one that find time to visit the blog and this post. Nigeria is right on the right track.

African Apparells for exports


Be it PayPal to earn, photosites, review sites and so many others. Nigeria are among the blacklisted nations so to say.

But let it be known that the country is turning a new leaf. The new leadership is restructuring the nation in so many fronts to comply with global best practices.

We used to have leadership that did noting to curb corruptive tendency. By today, the reality is that the new government is cleaning the stable and the positive result will clearly be seen in no distant time.

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“Weekly Photo Challenge:Ornate V”


The most centralised point in the city of Uyo. A roundabout where two major roads ended, Atiku Abubarkar and IBB. Except Abak road that passes by.

At the background is the State’s Secretariat. The sculpture at the center is figurative with staff which symbolize authority. By its size fit the week’s theme ‘Ornate’

“The Wood Cutter:For Firewood”


Cutting of log to smaller pieces for firewood is what we are used to in africa. Even till today. One leg is put on the log for firm grip before the axe comes down to breaking it to pieces. Many homes use the firewood for their daily cooking in many major cities and towns.

The artpiece is by Ibom Hall fence on IBB way, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State Nigeria