“Ekpe And Men”

Ekpe masquerade at the cultural festival day of all long, thirty two days of christmas festival.

Ekpe dancer from the Culture and heritage department of the office of the Governor of Cross River State of Nigeria.

Ekpe in Cross River State of Nigeria is a masquerade of traditional relevance. In traditional understanding among western part of Nigeria, though EKPE is from south south! Such figures are called ARA ORUN…. heaven dwellers. In the olden days, they are known as migrants who comes to the world for occasional purposes.

Tradional dance from this part of the world cannot be completed without these features being adequately featured.

“Abinoro Akporode Collins:Art By Collins”

There are artists, and there are art. But when an artist has become art! Then you need a critical focus on such. This young man is an embodiment of art. This blog decide to celebrate him. My good friend, a graduate of Auchi Polythecnic, Edo State, Nigeria. I usually call him Collinso.  An all round artist, flexible with no resitriction when it comes to art in all its ramification. Particularly his edge with welding of spoons to make all kind of birds, it simply classic!


Stainless peacock in the making.


Working on a paiting in Art Exhibition in Abu Dabi UAE,


Art lovers admiring his work in UAE.


All images by him.

Some of his works had been featured before in this blog. That could be found ib a post “Sorrow,Tears And Blood”

“Governance:It Is Not A Tea Party”


Succes of genuine political dispensation is an all round success of any state. It takes a greater commitment of leadership to genuinely serve. Greedy politician will ruin the state in no distant future. Leadership without the interest of the people at the forefront will make the stride retrogressing. No matter the natural endowment of the state. Generality of the people will suffer very hard in the midst of plenty.

Many times, I just wonder at Nigeria’s situation. Life quality had been descending over time, even at the tenure of President Obasanjo. And when he pushed President Jonathan to us . What was expected, was that change to good governance.

But what did we get? Sentiment apart. I felt
anger seeing the nation relegated backward  and its continuos descending. Leading a nation, is not a stage play but a serious thing considering the number of miliions of life at stake. Never a comic stuff but something we can call “between life and death.” The issues must be approached with all seriousness and the leadership body language must be indicative of that.

Taking a nation to the next level is not a tea party.

“Power Is Transient”


President Mohammadu Buhari with his team during state visit to USA.

In democracy, political power ascendency is through ballot system. And bearing in mind that power can change hand from time to time,must prepare any stakeholder to know that at the end of every tenure. Questions must be asked and account of stewardship rendered.

There had been lack of merit and sincerity at the way politician had been going about it. The act of godfatherism created load of improper act among the stakeholders.

That’s why the desperation to put a stooge in place through manipulation of electoral processes making it to be do or die affairs. This encourage lots of cover up and makes the whole thing muddy. No wonder they always make refrence of “muddy water of politics” why do we not have “clean water of politic?” The answer is simply CORRUPTION.

Can or must it continue forever? NO. Because the end to it has come. So many things that had been kept under shade over time must come to open. “Everyday for the thieves ” but the owner’s day has come.
Those who comes under hammer and is not guilty of anything will come out of it stronger.

The general gain at the end of the day is that people will be careful and curious about who they put to manage the affairs of the state on their behalf and those that found themselves in the mantle of leadership will restrain from all form of recklessness because they must know for sure that the judgement day is near.