“Small, Small Politics”


All sort of child play is now prominent in Nigeria politics as we approach 28th march, 2015 new date forPresidential and National Assembly  Elections.

There was a court judgement that granted a new party. Youth Democtratic Party, YDP participation in 2015 general election, barely few weeks to the new date of the election.

The party had been insisting that INEC must include them in voter’s card because they are ready to participate in the election by printing new voters card between now and 28th March date or postpone the election again.

The question is where were they, all along before now. And why it has to be now that their demand was granted by the court of law?

Most of all other parties presence outside the ruling party and the main opposition party  are not seen or felt including this YDP. They are all to spoil the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC credibility if the tide is against the ruling party.

Nigerian are taken for granted by this unneccessary and diverssionary antics that are at play. All these will diminish the little respect the ruling class has left.

Image source: #WhyWemarch