“The Beautiful Ones:Yet To Be Here”


To say the situation is tensed is an understatement, I couldn’t believe so many things that are happening.

There would be no electricity for days, now it’s fuel scarcity, the value of dollar against naira keep increasing. Food price on the increase. Everything seems to be working in negativity.

And you begin to see branded clothing, bags of rice, bags of fertilizer, vegetable oil, satchet of salt etc, carrying the picture of the President distributed to hungry crowd.

This is not the way to empower people. But a cheat on the people. Above all, truth is becoming very scarce, likewise discipline.

I know for sure, where there is no discipline, there is no progress. There are scarcity of wisemen among those that administer affair of the nation presently.

Their wisdom make them very rich at the expense of the people. And they don’t give a damn, afterall what can the people do about it? Nothing it seems. They even believe the bolt and nut of the election is in their hand.

But “all days for the thieves but one day for the owner”