“The Essence Of Travelling”

The Adventure……
The world is a beautiful place to explore. The freedom to go around and learn new things and add value to ones life. Is essential and neccessary, in such a holiday time as this.

In this part of the world, we hardly document our movement, that is , to have record of our travels. But now the internet has actually make all that easier to accommplish.

The information age we live in is not restrictive. It encourage everyone who may be willing to take step towards that, to use the business tools available all around us for something productive. Your smart phone!

In essence, it means you should use you phone camera to take photogarphs and video to record everything you can lay your eyes on. Both the most and less important scenery. But be cautious of the sensitivity of the the nature of your enviroment. Because of the security challenges in Nigeria, one has to be very careful of where, how and when one could or could not take photographs.

A wo/man on the move should capture every thing he or she is able to for posterity. It’s fun and very engaging.

Just be passionate about it and with time, it become part of you and you readily and easily flows into it.

Now it’s the time to let the world know what give you excitement, to have a share in it.
Whatever that can be shared from your experience is globally welcome. So why waiting?

If you’re not yet opportuned to travel abroad to do documentation, the sight and sound of your locality is a news anyday.

Because we are individually peculiar and special, the world want to know your world from your perspective. Feel what you feel, see what you see from your angle. So who say you are not important?

Do you know great opportunity awaits you here. Though, it may not come in a jiffy. Just learn to enjoy what you do with great excitement. And the goodies will come when it’s least expected.

When on the move, just allow the shutter of your phone camera keep clicking and you’ll be suprised at the materia you haave to share with the world.ย