“Success Foundation”


It comes in blocks and layers
Both physical and spiritual.
There is a build up of preparation,
Never mind the time
It better be late than never!
Small by small, little by little
Is what Rome built of.

Going so far, need
Adequate and well structured
Groundwork. Because every detail
Matters, for today and tomorrow.

Little thing may be flimsy,
But great thing must be grounded……..
Be articulate when you are
Preparing for great thing.
It takes time and does’t
Come either cheap or easy.
You must donate sweat,
Blood line and every fibre
Of your strength.

Infact you will look stupid
And many times you are choked up.
The harder it takes,
The sweeter the end result.
Brace up real hard,
For the battle is at hand.
You can’t afford to let go, but
Can afford to give it your very best.