“Really Not Being Smart”


I may not be as smart as you!
But is there a reason for comparison?
No, and no.
Our situation differs, so also
Our background.

It’s with certainty
That the principles that govern
Upward mobility
Are the same everywhere,
But indeces varies.

I know where the shoe
Pinches me,
I also know the grace that
Is available to me.
My result may not be
As fast as yours!
But strive I will
To get there
And keep going.

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Today was yesterday’s plan, but tomorrow will be decided by today’s commitment.

Plan your future by accumulating your improvement per time.

When you ignore necessary things, you may live an unnecessary life- Julius Afolabi.

Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement-Golda Meir

Image though had been used on past post. Source: pinterest Quotes.

“Fisher’s Priority”


“If your time is short and results are important, don’t spend time searching for fish. Spend your time finding the right guide. Then let them take you to the fish. This is
always your sure bet” Robert G. Allen. From his book, Multiple Stream Of Internet Income.

This is applicable to real life situation. Instead of looking for money immediately you come online, look o for a proven strategy.

Have a positive attitude, determination, commitment and desire with choice to be successful.

With these, your place online is guarranteed. 

“Success Foundation”


It comes in blocks and layers
Both physical and spiritual.
There is a build up of preparation,
Never mind the time
It better be late than never!
Small by small, little by little
Is what Rome built of.

Going so far, need
Adequate and well structured
Groundwork. Because every detail
Matters, for today and tomorrow.

Little thing may be flimsy,
But great thing must be grounded……..
Be articulate when you are
Preparing for great thing.
It takes time and does’t
Come either cheap or easy.
You must donate sweat,
Blood line and every fibre
Of your strength.

Infact you will look stupid
And many times you are choked up.
The harder it takes,
The sweeter the end result.
Brace up real hard,
For the battle is at hand.
You can’t afford to let go, but
Can afford to give it your very best.


“The Time Of Flight”


There is somenting in crystal clarity
It’s arrays of sweet sparkles of colors.
How sweet the aroma of hand holding
Deep eyes searching
Digging for the deposit of lavenda
And the jasmine that encompas beauty of
Dwelling in strawberry field.


The faces glows out of the abundance
Of peace within
The blood line tickles with joy of hope
Trust in the assurance from the above.
Little is the beauty on the outside
The inner one is the pivot.
The deposit of which is deep
The substance is profound.

The voice so tenderly
The smile so soothing and penetrating
Revealing happy and settled frame of mind
Rancour free
Dwelling in inspirational beauty.

When a star cross your path
It leaves mark
Remarkable and adorable!
Every time its light sparkles,
It reflect rainbow full of


Peace and harmony
Joy and hope
The feeling is heavenly.

It takes two to tango
Where is the beauty of the flower
Without a bud?
There is no pollination
Without the searcher.
Why the desire to love?
Is it to fill a vacum or to be fulfilled?
Or to bath in the blissfulness
And the wing of transformational flight.

Images source-1. My drawing (dated 2006)
                       2. Mode, Vie et l’Amour.
                          (Fashion,life and love)
                       3. Pinterest quotes.

To you lovers of poetry, hope you’ll something meaningful here.

“Music Of The Heart”


Poetry is music
The backgroud chorus
Emanates from the heart,

So melodious.

Like the beauty in the eyes
Of the beholder.
It’s the tune that relate
Meaningfully to the heart,
That it touches.

It is like the sound
That comes out of the ground.
Only heard by the man
With an ear to the ground.
Poetry gives life to word! -Keem

Music gives a soul to the universe,
Wings to the Mind,
Flight to the immagination,
Life to everything! -Plato