“The Buyer: The seller”


Which one should precede the other? Buying or selling……?

One of the great lesson taught by Robert Kiyosaki is that for you to be great in life, you must have something to sell.

Also, for you to have a great life you must be careful of what you buy and how you buy it. One thing sure, no one can escape any of the two.

Another question is, for your life to be great, which of the two should you do more?

The reality of life is, what you sell is determined to a large extent by what you buy…. And what you may not be able to sell. For example, buying a dummy! And if you’re not careful, you may buy that without knowing. Nigerian politicians are very good at selling dummy to the people and they are very good at buying items such as votes and very recently, they are buying imprechments.

What are you buying or selling?. Some of us are professional buyer of used items (bosi corner) enter corner to try it. But not anymore now, the stuffs are openly displayed and likewise tested. Sometimes when I see crowd and struggle around used cloth seller, I always think some people need their head examined. It reminds me of people driving on the wrong lane in Lagos some time ago. The unlucky ones arrested will first of all be taken to psychiatrist hospital to have their head examined. What a story.

Are you buying liability or asset. So many Nigerians eat their tomorrow today just to show off that they are well off. It’s a sorry case.

Bad leadership generate bad followership. Our leaders use corporate public relation to sell dummy to the people! Am saying that again for emphasis. Hear this… the first nigerian ebola importer and victim, the Liberian’s wife living in the US has this to say. Probably because of the impression they have. The husband wanted to be in Nigeria at all cost to get cure even at a time when doctors are on national strike that is yet to be resolved. If the leadership say that’s the best they can offer! Fine. It simply mean your destiny is in your hand. Your comfort, wellbeing and general advancement lies with you and no one else.

What are you buying to sell?

Buy self development. The marketplace is INTERNET.

So that sooner or later, you’ll become a man or woman people will sought after.

Buying liabilities like most people does will make you corrupt and that definately will not help you or any other person at the end of the day.

Image source: whatsapp.