“What A Time To Be?”


This had been a challenging time for this country and most of West African States. The reason being the spread of ebola disease that kill anyone infected with deadly virus. Named after Congo river. Cure yet to be found.

It has claimed close to 1000 lives. Survival is about 10%. Nigeria first encounter with ebola was the arrival from Liberi,ย  one Mr Sawyer who died while receiving treatment from a hospital in Lagos. Also the number of affected medical personel had dramatically increased.

This incidence has created so much fear among the people. According to online news portal, naij.com ” scientists do not exclude the posibility of ebola virus transmission by air through aerosolised particles.” That had been contested by another report. But human to human direct contact can spread the virus.


The serious adverse effect is the fact that it has affected the way we relate with one another. What we have now is wide space in-between greeting as against hand shake and embrace which we were used to and known for. The value of relationship is diminishing fast. What a time to be?

There is also the comic side of it that put a bit of smile on people’s face to reduce the grip of fear. A young lady ping her friends on blackberry telling them to add salt to water to take bath and to drink. Suprisingly it went viral and caused more death as a result of over use of salt. May the Lord help us against the uncontrolable spread of thee deadly virus.

Picture source: Whatsapp profile.