“Writing Space: Where It Drop, Is Where I Pick It”

I write as inner prompt comes, just as I am now. Got my inbox filled up and more or less affecting the speed of my phone. In trying to decongest, reading mails before deleting some that am done with. Just saw this and decide to write a post on this topical prompt. I am begining to enjoy writing, that must be so because of the fact one keep getting better from participating in challenges from time to time.

Writing on mobile device seems to make things easy and quite engaging, whenever i feel like writing. There are times like this moment when the flow just comes easily. But quite frankly it could be a bit tight sometimes. Whatever one need to do, I think it is necessary to strive to get it done as at when due.

I enjoy writing so much now. It not like it used to be, like a burden. I know that it could still be challenging once in a while but that would not stop me flying with wordpress on the go.

At the moment, am watching world cup match between Mexico and Netherlands. The situation around me a bit noisy, yet am still able to pull this together. Netherlands just won the match. Good job.