“Writing 101, Day Nineteen: Don’t Stop The Rockin’ “

All road lead to the digital world………

Today is a free writing day. Write at least four hundred words and once you start, don’t stop, no-self editing, no trash-talking and no secong guessing, just go.


What can we say of our world today. It has actually gone towards a direction, digitally unbelievably. Thanks to to scientist who then worked their life to frenzy and was able to deliever to the world something so tangible and very benefitting to mankind

What the world would have been without this digital phonemenon. There wouldn’t have been what we today called digital village. Neither would there have been close interactive ass we know it today.

No hand shaking across the ocean or shoulder rubbing, not to talk of holding one another hand by hand. The journey that started less than three decades had been so transforming across board. It has drastically change the way everything runs on planet earth. Such as the way we relate with ourselve as human being, the way we relate with our enviroment, and other living things such as animals.

We all had been towing the line in unison and it had created a divide digitally. You just have to be up abd doing, strive constantly to catch up if you are lacking in acquiring the digital knowledge which had become a must for you to be globally relevant today and the future. If you are not just there, you are not there at all.

Because of its origination. The western world gain digital momentum so rapidly within the space of ten years. Something that started like nothing witness phenomenon growth at ration of between 300-500% within first five years. While on this side of the world. Africa because of our easy have it nature and lack of researching lifestyle were still basking in our usual lifestyle not knowing that the tide has changed.

Nigeria for example were using analogue telephone landline till late nineteen nineties. We actually got GSM operation by 2001 or thereabout. When the GSM came, initialyy people thought it was all abouljust making voice call. But as the service provider settles more into the the business with several upgrading facilities! They started rolling out other services that had not only add value to life but had also improve their economic well being.

When the idea of making money got here, it was the swindlers that first got it, and they bastardise it to the detriment of genuine others who just want to be legitimate in all their doing. For example, Paypal does not do business with Nigeria. I honestly hope they’ll change their mind. Sometime I wonder if you can make legitimate money online, why go dubious? They are always in a hurry to make money forgetting that easy comes, easy goes.

The conclusive part of this post is that internet the way I see it had been and is still a blessing to mankind. Whichevr way you look at it. I know whatever has advantage does have disadvantage, but the undisputable fact is that internet nas made the world a better place. Mankind a better being void of any limitation. Isn’t that so? Afterall it afford me to related with you and learning from everyone and everywhere. It has made my life better than it used to be. I think I’ll always be grateful for that and the entire blogging community including our host platform. WordPress and its entire systemn.