“Writing 101, Day Seventeen: Your Personality On The Page”

Finding a way around it……….

I wish i can write well, tell damn good stories, makes you laugh, makes you cry. Makes you relate or feel the realism of my stories. But frankly speaking, it look like a journey too far. See what blogging has done to me?

I got here thinking ‘let me just write anything that will just give me kick, like escapism that takes me somewhere so peaceful leaving behind my inadequacies. All these keep revolving at the same time like wheel in motion. And at the same time, consciously being careful about how I go about it without looking stupid.

Sometimes it can be truely overwhelming. I have encounter block few times but I have found a way around it. When it comes, I’ll just take a nap to ease my tension. Writing can be really challenging but as well fulfilling.

I see so many beautiful styles, lot of good ones. Million of bloggers out there far more better. But the thing is, i must keep learning and perfecting the art, or is it act? As we used to say here ‘no be small thing o’ but the beat goes on.

Truely the beat of anxiety, fear, doubt drums! Though the will never allows its sound to be heard. The will as in, let me hide behind the stroke or rather the click to express the rumbling of the heart through the burning flame of desire to make what would have being ordinarily a mere thought to something tangible.

Don’t be in a hurry to judge what it is now as the benchmark but rather the genesis of multiple streams gushing down the terrain.