“Writing 101, Day Sixteen:Serial Killer III”

“Money, money, money. It’s the rich men’s world”
Popular song be ABBA. The Swedish group.

Which of these could be more exciting? Something that is lost and found or something that is not lost but you have been looking for all your life for a fulfillment and a way of permanent rest?

The time and space of life allow some mistakes or insensitivity which may result in not getting one’s bearing perfect in life at a point, but then! If it drop, you bend down to pick it up, ie ‘not given up’. It could be recovery, renew or refreshing.

There is nothing as perfect situation in life. As much as we strives to outdo or aspire to change level of our performance and previous achievement, it is a rat race all the way. These aspiration is the grease that oil the wheel of progress which must certainly be in motion.

Man by nature can and would never be satisfied, whatever the level of achievement. No matter what you have, you’ll always want more of it. Spouse issue non inclusive. Though Africans still exhibit such, but that’s not the issue. The issue is, what we’ve not lost, but all keep looking for. And when we get it, we keep on looking for more and more.

You could call it money, wealth, Success, affluence etc. No amount of it you get and be satisfied. We must continues to keep getting it. It is fulfilling if it sourced legitimately and more rewarding when it add value to other people’s life.
Coming to personal level, I want success and had been on the road for it. Through all my life, desired to legitimately get it.

There are good wealth and there are bad wealth. Sometimes people argue that there is no bad weath but what you do with it matter. I don’t agree. We have a saying here, “aa kii fowo ekun raja erin” money you get from causing others agony and sadness, you can’t use that to obtain joy. Even if you do, it’s temporary. What I want is good wealth that will grant me rest till my old age.

I discover internet has lot of goodies that people like me had failed to see. But it better be late than never. I took my time to recherche and what I discover and still discovering is amazing. It has all the trappings of permanent and residual rest coupled with ‘jara’ extra!

You can’t be deep into online entrepreneurship without providing ‘values’ to several hundreds and thousands of souls. That’s the unforgetable reality that drives me to utmost velocity. With what I held and the digital reality of today.

My constant agitation is for all to embrace that reality irrespective of your age and turn your life around for good.