“Writing 101, Day Fourteen: To Whom It May Concern”

The prompt of the day is to pick the nearest book and open page 29 to pick word that stand out and write a post based on that word. Robert G. Allen’s ‘Multiple Streams Of Internet Income’ is handy and the word ‘Audience’ is my pick.

Here we go!………..


To those of us who are already aware of the freedom, lifestyle and other largesse internet offers. Such as ability to work and live anywhere in the world as you so desire. Wherever you go, your business is as well mobile. If  you’re tired of rat race of 9-5. Or probably you are thinking of a way out, tired of your comfort zone. Focusing on internet as a way out? My prayer for you is for your way to be rough. How many of us will say amen to that?.

Our popular saying here is, “Ninu ikoko dudu, leeko funfun ti njade”, it’s from the black pot that white pap comes out.
“Ikoko too ba ma laabe ata, idi e nlati gbonan” the pot that will taste the sweetness of soup must endure the heat

There is no doubt that one of the strongest foundation of online business is to build the audience. The list of subscribers via email. It is called permission marketing. I have written lots of post on the people who are yet to be aware that internet had actually brought tons of opportunities to the world. To those who have not seen it a reality! Well time would soon come for them to see its inevitability. I used to be like them before. But this my post goes to those that are already aware and have started to take action or about to.

If you are in this categories. These are few things to guide you, but before that. I would like to ask, which of these you consider most important and desirable?
Money or Value?
If it’s money, you’ll be looking for the quickest way to make it. That could be disastrous.
If it’s value, I congratulate you because you’re a seeker. To seek is to find. In that course, you must be prepared to go the long haul.
#Be prepared to learn. In fact there will be no end to learning.
#Be patient because you’ll encounter uncountable curves.
#Be passionate so that you’ll not be easily discouraged.
#Be determined, that you’ll not be intimidated or overwhelmed. Though once in a while you’ll encounter these.
#Be committed because you’ve set youself on a roller coaster.
#Be assured that you’ve made a good start and it’ll definately end well.
#Be hungry not for money but for knowledge.

Excercising on all these above is a kind of being like a well prepared land. Manured, waiting for seed. These are preparatory success in online entrepreneurship.
The pillar of that success is your audience. Have you come across the saying “The money is in the list?” If you’ve not! You’ll soon.

The 1st rule is to build your audience before introducing the business. Audience are your would be customers. Without them, there is no business. They are the foundation pillar upon which the structure of your business stand. It’s very important to take note of that. Building the audience may take time, depends on your approach. I assume people am addressing has already gotten a platform to express their intention? That is, you have a blog running.

Then you can build or buy list depending on your business circumstances. You can even do both.
The business of internet is basically information dissemination. Every talk is of smart content marketing. It has to be smart and many times given out free as a bait to ‘hungry fish’. It’s true that we all are hungry for knowledge that can add value to our life.

Tons of volumes of information flying left and right on the web are consumed daily. You need to add you own to it. Take time to do all your learning and begin to take action.

Would it be smooth? No
Would it be an easy ride? No
Would it be full of obstacles? Yes
Is it worth the while? Yes
Must you go for it? Yes
It it achievable? Sure
Can you handle that? Yes very well
Are you ready to go all the way?  Well the ball is in your court.
But one thing is sure, ‘who want to lick the honey burried in the rock would not mind the sharpness of an axe’

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“Writing 101, Day Thirteen:Serial Killer 2”


Something very preciouss about the life we live is that it is dynamic and its evolving with new and fresh opportunity coming everyday. And the trend keep changing. It also brings new demand and provision needed to meet the new demand.

The internet is likened to a very big house. The bigger a house the more stocked it is. All manner of things are brought by all the members of the household. 

You can easily find whatt you keep but may take you time to find what others keep. On the other hand, an item that is been sort may be unseen at that material time you are looking for it. But if you are PATIENT.

It’s when you hardly expect that you’ll locate the “missing object” of a solution to a challenge or a purzzle. I found that to be typical of success online and in life generally. Patience is GOLDEN for whoever can do it.

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