“Writing 101, Day Twelve:(Virtual) Dark Cloud On The Horizon”

The economic situation is becoming unbearable for the so called average in the society. We hear of fast rising leading economy that acttually does not translate


into larger populace reality. One begin to wonder where are the largesse?

The man: “Haa! I keep thinking how come we arrive here” you can see uneasiness written all over his face. Very deep worry you could say.

Woman: “Am not bothered! Whichever way it goes, life must go on”.

Man: “I agree with you that life will surely continue. One could not but get a bit worried because there is tension every where. Did I even tell you Mama called?”

The class of the society that used to be refered to as middle class is now called average. Hope the greedy system will not further relegate them.

Woman: “Really? I hope she’s not too worried this time around?”

Man: “You can bet she is. She actually think we should be heading back to the west. Afraid of the political trend”

Woman: “I think she has the right to be concerned as a good mother. I strongly believe that God that keeps this nation neither sleep nor slumber”

Men: “Absolutely yes, He would not leave his people. My dear. Come what may, rain or shine. We are in safe hand”ย 

The image: culled from The Nation Newspaper. A visiting professor lamenting on economic situation.