“Writing 101,Day Eleven:Size Matters”

“Life are in stages, men are in sizes”. And however dark the night is, the morning bring joy!


I was born and bred in Ibadan. Capital of Oyo State of Nigeria. At twelve years. Oh! It was my elementary school days which we called primary school here. So eventful and full of contradictions. Living in two world that are so far and wide apart. The truth is i hardly want to think about it. It was like being raised in Sudan without arm violence. The state of domestic belligerence was not less visible all around my life at such a tender age.

My elementary days exposed me to seeing lot of educated people around me in my maternal grandfather’s house. I partly stayed there because it was close to my school. That was where the foundation for my desire to get eductaion was established. In my father’s house on the other hand, my life was surrounded by intense polygamous tumor. Every where i turned, that was what i saw and knew. As a young boy growing up, I craved for love and the sources available were from my father and my separated mother who had remarried elsewhere, my grandfathers from my both sides. But prominently my paternal grand father.

The peace in my father’s house was like that of graveyard. It was sinister at the same time diabolic. You could the feel intensity like a dry dust hanging in the air all the time.ย  My father’s family compound was a war ground with antecedent discrepancy. He ignorantly lay claim to a house he built on his father’s land. That was the genesis of the whole problem and that has taugth me a great lesson that anything that has to do with family collective stake. ‘It’s no go area for me’ it simply translate to what’s is our’s cannot be mine.