“Writing 101, Day Ten: Happy Daily Living”


Rice and fisherman soup. Calabar delicacy.

My life is as adventurous as my choice of food. As a typical African man, I may say I am very comfortable with the food that’s tasty and pepperish. That is my way of deriving satisfaction from good food.

Those of us who are not from silver lining background, what we know is staple food prepared in so many ways and taste depending on how its done in the area where you are from. For example rice is very popular. But the way it’s prepared in the Northern Nigeria is not so in the Western Part.

Even within Yoruba nation, they all have their different delicacies. Apart from Lagos that’s like all comer’s place! The Ijebu love ‘Ikokore’…. a typical yam made into porridge. Some have yam or cassava flour made into rolls (Amala) or cassava granules (Eba) eaten with draw-leaf stew (Ewedu) or beans soup (Gbegiri), or both combined (Abula) . Pounded yam and vegetable stew with goat meat or dried fish. These are just few examples.

But for all ocassions however special, RICE must be available with ‘Orisirisi’ all manner of additional, such as vegetable salad, stew, soup, assorted type of meat, fish etc. The meal can even be in form of buffet.

I love all manner of food but with preference.

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