“Writing 101,Day Eight:Death To Adverb”


Who says green is not sweet? Whether you are, a vegetarian, vegans or non alike. The beauty of the nature cannot be denied. Nature calls and tell us it’s available, inviting and beneficial. All living being depend on green nature of the world we live in. Full breeze and fresh.

The ground is smooth and well manicured, resemblance of canvas of imagination! Beckoning and welcoming. A play place, joy full level loaded with tank of oxygen. Unlike the mundane steel and concrete. A place to revitalise. Subtle terrain to the feet and soul.

The shade,the tone,the degree, the touch! This beautiful bride provides all. The strenght of the trees and the stamina can only be seen on the copy carpet where such drive could be seen by men of artistry dribbling, chasing round leather. Though there is so much fanfare but the joy and easiness enjoyed on the bed here is more penetrating and soul soothing.