“The Preserved Prison Wall”


The prison wall is preserved till date by the Government of Cross River State of Nigeria. The prison was built by the colonial administration as the name indicated. Its a monumental and historical tourist site. In the turbulent days of post colonial politics of Nigeria. This was the prison where Chief Obafemi Awolowo was incarcerated after being sentenced for treasonable felony by the then Federal Government of Nigeria. Calabar as of then was very far from Lagos, the Federal Capital Territory and the seat of power. When the first military coup came, it took away all the people that sent him to jail. Fortunately for him, he regained his freedom after the second coup, and became number two person and economic arrowhead of that government.

He was the most prized prisoner of his time. He spent more than a decade in that prison before being released by the second military government headed by Gen. Yakubu Gowon. He is an astute politician, philosopher, economist and stateman that placed western part of Nigeria ahead of other regions in so many fronts. His policies as the Premier of Western Region of Nigeria was a model of good governance that is still being followed today. He was referred to as the “The President that Nigeria never had”.

The other side of the preserved wall now house State Library and beyond that, the remembrance Arcade ’11\11′ which I had featured in this blog as well as the biggest flag in Nigeria.