“Why I Write What I Write”


I write what i write because i have to let my thought out. Over the years before i realise i could have a blog, i write here and there and may not now lay my hand on those write up. In life, there is so much in us or of us to write about. Personal and social issues as it affects us day by day. Buttress the fact that things are happening all over that affect our today and the future. Both of our generation and the yet to come. So there can never be lack of what to write about. It’s how we can be able to package our writing in such a way that it would be beneficial to humanity.

We all live in a global village, brought into being by the same force. Look like one another[resemblance]. Though may not speak the same language or live in the same part of the world. Several people around the world may be going through similar challenges.

Our Words, can be spiritual and at same time give succor, hope and life to others. We all need one another to survive the world, we all need one another to relate with, we all need one another to be reminded that hope is not lost and things will get better no matter what we are presently going through.

That’s why we must continue to write, because in doing so. We are making the world a better place for all of us to live in. In a way, it can make all the difference. Why? The reason being that shoulders are available for all of us to lean on.

My conviction is in writing. God willing, I’ll continue to do just that, come what may and i sincerely hope it will be good enough for you to read and to enjoy. Wishing all bloggers out there meaningful and impactful blog life.