“From Ground Zero:To Heroism”


The platform where many have been connected  to their destiny. Yours may not be an exception.

What are you thinking right now?, what side of life are you experiencing and what is your reaction to that reality?. So it seems that we can not get the best of life all the time,
but we can get the best side of ourselve everytime. Do you agree with that? A big question to ponder about! If we don’t get the best of ourselve, we may not likely get the best of anything. If one doesn’t, fulfilling life might be too far away.

Man must keep aspiring in life to a greater height. Wherever you’ve reached is someone’s starting point. The ticket to fulfillment is gratitude to God who created all, knows all, see all and guide all to glory.

Gratitude to people who are there for you.
Supporting you, leading, loving, caring for you. They are the one placed by God to lead you by hand to your destiny.

Gratitude to yourself for the humility of heart to seek and continue to seek, to getting to the set goal. It takes the grace to fly over all the hurdles on the way, requires strong determination and perseverance. ” Uneasy lies the head that wear the crown”.