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A cute little door I stumbled upon while roaming the back streets of Zürich, Switzerland, with the right amount of wear and tear, or shabby chic if you like, at the bottom. I love the solid, well-proportioned stone frame and the pretty woodwork fitted inside of it, with the little window at the top to let more daylight into the hallway. Clever and thoughtful.

I did have the urge to ring and say hello and find out who lives behind such a cool door when they’re asking for it so nicely there (“Bitte läuten” means “Please ring”). But I didn’t, ’cause I know better. 🙂

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“Obsolete Mast”


This mast was erected en-masse all over the country by P&T (Post And Telecommunication) in the ’70s. Along the line, the name changed to NITEL (Nigeria Telecommunication) It was the mast that facilitate telephone communication. So many decades after, the wireless, mobile and better telephoning system emmerged, the GSM. While some of todays leader who were there yesterday were busy telling us that telephone is not for everybody, some people in another part of the world were working on how to make telephone wireless, cheaper and affordable to all irrespective of class and age.

They never rest on their oars and today the coming of internet and technology has changed the level of communication completely. The system has gone beyond phone calling to granting the universe the platform for adding and exchanging value. Created by the great and productive minds. These minds are are problem solvers. Always working to make the world a better place.

This brought up the question why some countries are just good and why others are great?. The answer lies in the visionary commitment of leaders per time. Leadership is about service and when we begin to realise this and hold it dear to our heart most especially in Africa. We’ll begin to see tremendous and positive change in our developmental journey.