Who is Social Media Manager?. Considering the all these terms and more:- entrepreneur, solopreneur, infopreneur, mediapreneur .
He\she, the guy with an ear to the ground, who tap into several media resources and share it. Knows that the secret of business is is to build the audience before introducing the products.

Three things he does well:-
# He provide valuable content mostly free.
# Position himself as a brand to follow.
# He sell smart by building tribe of addicted followers.

He knows that the platform for disseminating valuable content is via social media and he make absolute use of these tools to reach wider audience.
An advocate of information dissemination, a believer in the power of social media and knows that any business that doesn’t embrace social media is a business that’s out of touch with the reality of the moment and that of the future. He’s futuristic.

As a leader, he’s engaged in critical advocacy program for his company and the brand consistently and demonstratively. Recognises teamwork and the importance of individual member’s contribution to achieving the set goal for the present and the future by being in the forefront of that drive.

“He build relationship within and without”
That is, in internal management of the organisation and outside the organisation. As an advocate, he shares the know-how and experiences more widely, massively and efficiently. He continue to learn to stay ahead and abreast.