“The Side You See:What You want To See”


“You are only free when you belong no place-You belong every place-no place at all. The price is high. The reward is great.” Maya Angelou.

How many more can be said about our nature of imperfection where we strive all the while and yet it seems as if that is never good enough?

Life is like a ball that keep rolling just as the globe is. It’s the side that is exposed to you that you see very clearly and with clarity of mind must be your response to what’s thrown at you.

Typical scenerio where some are in darkness and others in light. But whatever the part we see, it’s temporal continual. Life is a cirlce and must be lived to the fullest. So brace up and be prepared to see all the sides that there is.

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“Weekly Photo Challenge:Adventure”


‘The journey through West Africa’ (previously publisheed)

SIAO….Salon Internationale Artisant du Ouagadougou.
In 1998, my two friends lured me with the idea of travelling to SIAO. The biggest Art and Craft exihibition in West Africa. A bi-annual event done every leap year in Ouagadouguo. Capital city of Burkina Faso. A Francophone W\African State. Because of my adventurer nature, i agreed. We put all arrangement in motion. Obtained all the neccessary documents and we embarked on the journey that would take about 30 hours. The longest I had ever taken.


It was October, 1998. I was kind of naive but by my second trip in 2000. I had gotten used to such long distant travelling. We set out on the journey leaving Lagos to Cotonou through Seme boarder. The boarder between Nigeria and Republic of Benin. Left Lagos in the morning but had to while away the whole day in Cotonou because direct vehicle to Burkina Faso leaves by midnight.

The journey is from the south to the north of Benin passing through towns like Parakou before crossing into Burkina Faso. Close to a thousand kilometer if not more. Comparable to like going from Lagos to Sokoto in Nigeria. Two unforgetable incidents are one, a particular town where women walk and mingle with their male conterpart bare chested. All age included. It was their way of life and culture. It was a striking scenery to some of us seeing it for the first time, but by my second trip, it wasn’t a suprise again. The town was actually a stopover. So there was no way you would not notice it. Quite spectacular. The only thing similar in my memory though didn’t witness it but from news was a remote hill top settlement in nothern part of Nigeria called Koma. The inhabitant actually walked around naked, only cover their private part just like garden of eden before sin. They had taste of civilization after they were discovered by Christian missionaries. Setting up schools for them and making material provision available to them. Things have changed since then.

The second incident was this portion of the road about 100 km leading to Burkina Faso. Rocky, hilly, stoney and bumpey. Untarred.
It took almost 4 hours to pass through to the other side with dust completely all over you. That was 14 years ago. Am told the road had been tarred now.

Burkina Faso is typical african country where leadership suppresses the masses. A landlocked state close to the desert region of West Africa. Despite all the challenges of the road, Ouagadougou was sparkling of French hospitality. SIAO is a leading art and craft exhibition in Africa. It attracts participants from all over Africa and visitors from all over the world. A place to be. A bi- annual event like I have said, this is another year of SIAO come October. All road lead to Ouagadougou.

I really long to get back on the road, and if i could make the trip this year. It would be remarkable because as a blogger, I’ll be able to capture every stage of the trip and properly document it. That would be a great experience.

“Wisdom:Success Factor”


This stand for peace and unity.

The Nigeria Coat of Arm is wounded.
The two horses stand for strength.
The eagle at the top that stand for wisdom is no where to be found.

“Alagbara ma meroo, ni baba ole”. The Yoruba adage means strength without wisdom is nothing.

The land is troubled and the insentivity of the leadership has really exposed how unprepared we are as a people. Leader handpick their successor to cover their dirty track. This always many time bring up leaders that are least prepared. How can a student who does not prepare well pass examination with distinction?

“The Online Success Secret:Proven Strategy”


The path of life is coloured with mixed occurences and uncertainties. This warrant you to be constantly be on your toe. The road you’re presently on may be new to you but it is known to someone else who had passed through it. In essence it mean someone would have already known what you are yet to or about knowing.

Online business is full of intrigue and suprises and require lot of strategies that you would need to study and master. Could that be gotten on platter of gold? I doubt that. For you to be a master of the game, you must go through the rudiment. Acquring the knowledge and learn the secret. And that is the proven strategy.

An Australia writer,Brian Sher’s book. “What Rich Know & Desperately Want To Keep Secret”. You may ask what is actually the secret? You may say the knowledge aaccumulated over the years and being streamlined for you to easily get the same result withing a reasonable space of time. The second question is why desperation of keeping it secret? So, it could be traded in exchange for earinngs. The journey would never be smooth or easy but it is summontable. Such books like thousands of others on the web or on paperback try to bring to light ways to achieve success with though, unavoidable but minimal challenge.

In the jouney to success, you must be prepared for dissapointment, pain, agony, loneliness, rejection, discouagement etc.ย  And despite these and other challenges, “The credit still belong to the man who is actually in the arena…..who, at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat” THEODORE ROOSEVELT. 1910.

Another level of secret is on self actualisation. The secret within. Until you discover it, the externally sourced one might be a bit far off. That is the law of attraction. When you have inner harmony and the bulk of your thinking is based on possitivity and all the good things you want for your life. The emission coming out of you goes out to source that which you desire. Whatever you allow to dwell inside you, let it be your heart desire not what you don’t want. Dwelling on what you don’t want will make it attrracted to you. So guide your heart.

There could be much more to success in life’s journey. I’ll appreciate more contribution in your comment. That is welcome.