“Nation’s Success:People’s Greatness”


The biggest national flag standing torn to shred.

Lot of times I pity our leaders. They work very hard to achieve little. Their insincerity is so glaring but yet they themselves could not see it. The situation has gone beyond being pathetic to comedy. You just need to keep smiling to maintain your sanity.

The economy of Nigeria is like a man who dig a bohe-hole in his compound. He open the tap to distribute water when he likes and if he doesn’t like your face, he lock his tap.

A system full of distraction and without genuine focus can never be a progressive system. It is like running within circle and proceeding to nowhere. Collective desire is just of mouth and not of the heart. It’s about what comes to us, not what we can build together. Could this takes us to promised land? May be, may be not.


What can we say of a nation among the top seven of the biggest oil producing nation and yet cannot boast of one refinery working. Good road across the length and breath of the country is unthinkable. Uninterupted electricity, hhaaaa. No go area. Now if a particular political party has been in place of leadership for close to two decades andย  these infrastructure are not in place! Is it not high time we try new hand for a change?. It’s no brainer to provide all these things.

It takes a man that determine to make the difference, to nationally turn things around. Many of those who find themselve saddled with leadership never prepared for it. That’s why it is trial and error all the way and that’s why we are where we are today. Left behind by our contemporaries; Singapore, Malaysia, Brazil and so many others.

2nd Image source: pinterest.