“The Dilemma Of Not Knowing What To Write”


I had faced this several times over. Sometimes I just don’t know what to pick and where to pick it. But one thing I have learnt is to keep learning from everyone and everything I can lay my hand on. Data I can consume that encourage me or prompt me to move on. This piece am writing is prompted by Michelle W’s post. “Recomended Reading:Bird by Bird” a book written by Ann Lamott.

There is this particular statement about “we need to make messes in order to find out who we are and why we are here”. In relation to being a writer. In further Ann Lamott’s word “writing and reading decreases our sense of isolation. They deepen, widen and expand our sense of life: They feed the soul and restore our largeness”. I intentionally read to learn, study to get knowledge and I can’t but agree totally to the expression above that writing and learning is soul lifting. Whatever the situation one find him/herself. It also support the fact that so many messy situation can be corrected and be put together in the right format. It’s inside the failure that where the success lies, if one can look and act with steadfastness of purpose and the reality that all cannot be lost. Something to hold on to remains.

Whenever you’re stuck, not knowing what to write or write about. If you’re like me who always make notes here and there, go to those materials scathered on your desk and read through all over again. I can assure you, something will come up and you’ll definately get a bearing.

In general life situation,there are times when we feel like we’re being stand still and things are no more working well the way they have been! Lucky you if you are a writer. What you need to do is read, write and visualize your way out of your sorrow or that unwanted situation. That’s the power and beauty of self expression. It’s globally beneficial.
Hear Michelle W. “For me, the beauty in ‘Bird by Bird’ is that it help me feel good again, about choosing to write, about dedicating myself to blogging, about my unique voice, about experimenting and making ”messes” and playing with words and pictures to make stories- simply put “go resourcing”.
A bit on Michelle.
By all standard a successful blogger, a power-house blogger, one of the leading light in wordpress.com. Such a wonderful woman who gives her best passionately. Prompting the best out of you to come out your best.
Like Eddie Murphy says in the movie Holy Man, if you are privileged to meet her in person. Please hug her and thank you in advance. To your best blogging life.