“Engage Your Mind”


Time wait for no one.

This is paramount to creativity and productivity. When we were young, we used to believe time is money. But the reality of life has proved otherwise. Productivity is money and your success depend on how productive you are.

Nuture your mind intellectually. Seek knowledge as wide as you can. “Nkan teeye baje leeye ma gbe fo”. Yoruba adage that translates. Whatever birds eat is what it flies with and it become “Ajesara” In-depth Power. Exactly what you need to influence others, afterall nobody gives what he or she doesn’t have.

My candid advice is to keep your hard work till you have found your right work. It takes special grace of God for a wheel barrow pusher to be successful no matter how hard he works. When we find our What, the best of us comes out prominently. Let’s find that before we deploy the energy needed for set goal and achievement.

In this part of the world, we need to realise that there is a new dispensation and its TIME for new Approach and Strategies to reach the peak of our calling and self fulfillment.
These are few thoughts and the blog is open to better and wiser advice from you all. Please feel free to add what you feel best suggest success practise. You are welcom.