“Weekly Photo Challenge:Threshold”


The sky is wide open with no limitation.

Knowledge is the threshold for definite emancipation and the catalyst is the social media. The X Factor.


Obscure living benefits no one but social relevance bring prominence as a result of valuables constantly given out. It benefit large number of people. I strongly believe that with internet, everyone of us is given a platform to voice out our feelings, ideas and knowledge. Whatever the story look like, it has provided those who are aware of the opportunity to tell our story. To unload our grief, sentiments and aspirations as we deem fit and capable to. For you and I to be constantly be on board, the skill and know-how is required and it has to be learnt.

The question is how do you use the Social Media?. As a playground, which so many people still does or as tools to touch lives across the globe by creating valuable contents.

The gap between those who know and those who know not is wide. The fact of the matter is, being great in life is not about how rich or wealthy you are or how comfortable your immediate families are but how much impact you can make on the life of the people irrespective of where they are around the world.

The essence of knowledge is to pass it on and the internet is readily available for that. If you ever think of being a blessing to the world and do not want to take your blessing to the grave when the end comes. Now is the time for you to reach out and dispence all. To make the difference and put your foot print on the sand of time.