#The Good#The Bad#The Ugly#


# The sequencial importance is that good things of life lead the pack. In internet marketing, the good side of it is alwaays the most attractive. Even when there is pretence, the truth doesn’t take long before it comes out.

#The good camp is where you find legion of great teachers and leaders working hard to make the best out of you, holding your hand and leading you to become another great leader. THE FISHERS.

# The bad camp is the scammers, spammers, ponzi schemers etc. They are full of all manners of atrocities. They capitalise on your greed, ignorance, lack of knowledge, laziness and so forth to rip you off. The dupers.

#The ugly. May not be that ugly depending on individual moral value. Very controversial, because what you despise, others embrace. Since there is freedom of choice, it solely depend on individual to tailor their life to what suit them.

Knowledge will enhance your making the right choice.