“Don’t Look For Job:Look Online” Part 2.


One of the most important thing is finding FULFILLMENT in life! How long it take does not matter, until then, the life journey will be tedious. The educatiion we know give you the mindset of someone who after graduation has to look for job with certificate in hand.


The Nigeria Immigration Service had about 40,000 job placement but sold out about half a million forms to job seekers nationwide. What will you call that?. It led to several death and hundred injured. Every facet of our public life is infected with large scale corruption. How long could we keep on like this? Nigerians has a peculiar way of over doing such tendencies.

Don’t be influenced to join the wrong band wagon. Life in job or on job is a limitation. On the contrary, some see it as a safe haven. Good knowledge wiil grant you the right perspective which will influence you on working on your MINDSET. The world like time wait for no one.

You have the responsibility to give yourself a fulfilling life and that lies solely on you. Educate yourself well in all area most especially finance and entreprenuship. People hardy know the difference between investing their time and money, and spending both.

Look at the ‘New School’ and what it offer. Do not think it is a no go area. It where the real knowledge is today and for a long time to come. The beauty of it is, the school goes with you whereever you go. There is no restriction.