“Don’t Go To School,Don’t Look For Job: Look Online” Part 1.



The new school.

Why would you have to go to school when you will not allow school to go through you?. It is a great concern that lot of people go to school without the school going through them. That’s why many comes out half baked. The lecturers and the authority are very exploitative. Everyone involved in the system are indirectly or directly killing it.

The standard had drastically fallen.  Everybody is in pursuant of just the certicate and would do anything to get it. Skill acquisition is getting less fashionable. Infastructure is nothing to write home about. The learning atmosphere is porous.

The result is, so many half baked graduates roam around looking for the job that is not available. It leads to alarming desperation. And the authority takes undue advantage of this, and why would they not?. Afterall they deliberately created the scenario. It can be clearly seen that they want keep the masses down and hungry in order to have absolute control so that they can continue their atrocities unabated. Why must you continue to downgrade, dehumanise and rubbish your life and destiny and embark on a journey that lead most to nowhere?

Pleased read Robert Kiyosaki newest book “Why A Student Work For C student, And Why B Student Work For Goverment.” The collapse of school systems is global because the school system world over produces job seekers. There is a new school, THE INTERNET, it is the platform for the making of real CHANGEMAKER, RAINMAKER and the FISHER.